The Only Effective Way to Deal with Emotions.

Does your life sometimes feel like an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you get emotionally triggered, and before you know it you are overtaken by an uncomfortable or negative emotion?

Suddenly your love, patience, perspective and judgement are completely clouded or even switched off and you are desperate to get rid of the emotion and return to your calm and rational self again?

Yep, me too.   

It’s annoying and quite frankly, exhausting. 

But there is an easier way. 

Resisting and fighting uncomfortable emotions and judging ourselves for having them makes them stick around for longer. 

As does indulging them and believing that the feeling represents the whole truth, nothing but the truth, forever and ever, amen.

Accepting emotions and allowing them to pass enables us to return to calm and balance more easily.


“There is another way.”




Perfectionists are quite emotional, despite our efforts to be the opposite. We get triggered, we are hypervigilant to everything around us so we can control it, and so we can make everything OK, keep everyone happy and do the right thing. 

That’s OK. We are human. We all have coping strategies.


Needing to control everything, often leads to fears and emotions overtaking us, and we don’t know how to deal with these powerful emotions because we’ve learnt to believe they are a BAD thing.

But there are not. They are simply feedback.  



To counteract this feeling of overwhelm, to bring back the equilibrium and calm, instead use the mantra of It will Pass.

Emotions always pass, if we let them.

They take longer to pass if we fight or resist them, and if we indulge in them. That’s what keeps them around for longer. Instead we can choose to accept them: “I’m feeling really uncomfortable, that’s ok, I’m a human, it will pass, it will pass, it will pass.” 

And if you get into the habit of this you can return to that feeling of calm and being in control much quicker than if you think that the emotion is all true and your world is doomed. Which perfectionists are quite good at doing!

So give this a go, and see what happens – it might make a huge difference.

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