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Thea has been my coach since February, and I’ve been blown away by her compassion and gentle way of not letting me off the hook… I’m a coach myself, so I’ve been coached by lots of coaches over the years and I thought I’d become quite self-aware. Thea’s ability to see straight into the root of the issue, and not skirt around the edges is astounding and has a profound and transformative impact. She’s helping me to see myself with new eyes; thank you Thea


Thea’s presentation on Perfectionism was highly engaging and thought provoking. Quite a few members of our team didn’t believe themselves to be a “perfectionist” initially. After listening to Thea’s stories and explanations of how perfectionism can manifest itself in your thoughts and everyday life, I think most of us were in agreement that we all had some level of perfectionist qualities. Once you are able to recognise these you can start to address them and with Thea’s mentoring and advice she can help to declutter a lot of the stress we actually cause for ourselves. Just in the short time we met with her we took away some valuable ideas and thought processes. A lot of us find that we often “tell ourselves stories” and then believe them to be fact and Thea helps you to understand the difference between these stories and what is real and to how to treat the perfectionist ideologies we have with a different approach.

We would highly recommend Thea’s lectures and courses to anyone who is struggling to maintain a balance in their life, whether its career, being a working Mum, or personal relationships – it’s a welcome relief to get some clarity where there can be a lot of negative noise. Quite a few members of our team went on to have personal coaching sessions with Thea and all found them to be extremely valuable. A wonderful mentor, with a unique approach and straight forward, helpful advice.


Thea is an absolutely fantastic coach! She helped me to move from a state where I felt very powerless and reactionary to a much happier, more fruitful place. Through working with Thea, my self talk is a lot kinder to myself, and in times where my perfectionism would have kept me trapped and too anxious to move, I now make decisions and act on them. Thea gave me the tools I needed to start my own business and live a happier life too. I would recommend her to all!


Thea is a highly insightful, skilful coach. She is kind and compassionate whilst digging gently but firmly below the surface, allowing for deep self exploration and change – she doesn’t let you off the hook either which is really good for me! It’s been an eye opening and enjoyable experience and I now have some new tools to work with ongoing. Thank you Thea.


Experts believe that eating healthy, balanced diets and taking regular exercise improve our health and wellbeing. However, many people find it difficult to make positive changes to their lifestyles. The Passport to Health pilot study aimed to test whether a workplace programme might help Gatwick employees make these changes. 

The study was initiated and implemented by the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Service at Gatwick Airport, led by Sandra Elliott, with input from dietitian, Amanda Ursell, and behavioural consultant, Thea Jolly. 

Passport to Health resulted in beneficial changes for participants in the Intervention group. Body weight and waist circumference significantly reduced, as did blood glucose and total cholesterol. These changes would be expected to contribute positively to health. The wellbeing results also revealed improvements in happiness, sleep quality, self-efficacy, access to health services and satisfaction with exercise/leisure activities.


 I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Thea, I wasn’t sure what to expect but straight away Thea put me at ease and really got into the deep rooted values that surround my daily life, and to understand how they shape and effect me.  Each week I looked forward to our sessions as they gave me a sense of clarity, focus and enabled me to see a much bigger picture then I could before. It was almost like stepping out of yourself and seeing what was really going on around me. Then we came up with tasks to get nearer to my goals each week; these were always something enjoyable and that I could easily accomplish.

 These last 12 weeks were a real eye opener to who I really am and why I do the things and do, the cogs of my being. Thea enabled me to etch out a road for myself I couldn’t have done so without her.  I would highly recommend her! 


Thank you so much for unblocking my path to wealth.

Connection is one of our deepest human needs. We can't live without it, and in this busy, modern, digital culture many of us don't get enough of it. Without connection all humans are more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

 For mothers, life can be especially lonely and isolating.  Parenting is a hard job and can be even harder with a perfectionist inner critic shouting us down all day.  

 Emotional Resilience for Mums is a relaxed and supportive monthly group for you to connect with other mums and to learn practical skills for living a fulfilling life and being the happy, resilient mother your children need. 

 By understanding ourselves, supporting each other and practicing new mindfulness skills, we can all be happier and more confident mums.   


As a recovering perfectionist and mother of three, I know the challenges of striving to be The Perfect Mum.  It’s hard, demoralising work at times.  But if we decide to be our own best friends instead of our harshest critic, and if we embrace who we are (with all our flaws – eek!) instead of who we think we should be, we can be amazing parents to our precious children. Believe me – if I can change, anyone can.

“Thea was at all times focused, clear and patient, even when I struggled. Her low-key and warm yet firm style was just right for me.”


It’s your time to step up, be who you really are and make your difference

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