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My clients work with me because they know that their perfectionist expectations and need to control everything are getting in the way of a fulfilling and meaningful life.  They usually have much of what they wanted out of life – whether that’s work, family, health or relationships – but are feeling empty, overwhelmed or unfulfilled, and can’t work out what and how to change. 

    They hate the way they snap at their children and partners and self-medicate with chocolate and wine. They believe they can improve if only they were just a bit more organised and self-disciplined, but they can’t seem to keep these helpful habits in place. At times life seems hopeless, all too much…until they get up the next day and try again.  

    My clients have got to the point where they know there must be a better way – and that they need a coach to help them find a way out of this emotional rollercoaster.

    A compassionate coach that has been there herself and ‘gets them’.

     If that sounds like you, book a call with me, complete a Selves Profile* and we can start to understand what’s really going on – which of your Inner Voices are in control, and how to manage them. 

    After that, if you’d like to work with me at a deep level, changing the way you think, and finding control and fulfilment from the inside, we’ll start our coaching journey together.  

     *I’ll send you the Selves Profile to complete once you’ve booked your Discovery Call with me, and I’ll explain it all in our call.  


    As a recovering perfectionist and mother of three, I know the challenges of striving to be The Perfect Mum.  It’s hard, demoralising work at times.  But if we decide to be our own best friends instead of our harshest critic, and if we embrace who we are (with all our flaws – eek!) instead of who we think we should be, we can be amazing parents to our precious children. Believe me – if I can change, anyone can.

    “Thea’s ability to see straight into the root of the issue, and not skirt around the edges is astounding and has a profound and transformative impact.”


    “Thea is a highly insightful, skillful coach.”


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