Stop striving to control the outside world.
Fulfilment is an inside job.

Are you a perfectionist?

Find out your perfectionist score and discover how perfectionism could be impacting your life.

You’re trying so hard to be The Perfect Mum…but you still feel you are failing your children.

  You long to feel more fulfilled, successful, and in control.

But the harder you try, the more your self-doubt and Inner Critic hold you back. 

And you know that, as a mother, it’s not just about you anymore.  

The guilt and shame of ‘damaging’ your children and ‘failing’ to be the mum you want to be is all too real. 

Perhaps it’s time to retire your Inner Perfectionist?

Instead of pushing harder, trying to ‘fix’ yourself and control everything around you, perhaps there is another way?

A way that brings emotional resilience and a deep inner confidence and belief in yourself.  A way that allows you to be the calm, loving mother that your children need.

A way that lets you leave The Perfect Mother Myth behind.


As a recovering perfectionist and mother of three teenagers, I know the challenges of striving to be The Perfect Mum.  It’s hard, demoralising work at times.  But if we decide to be our own best friends instead of our harshest critic, and if we embrace who we are (with all our flaws – eek!) instead of who we think we should be, we can be amazing parents to our precious children. Believe me – if I can change, anyone can.

You could keep pushing and striving…

…but isn’t your belief that ‘if only I could get up a little earlier, work smarter, have more willpower, stop shouting at the kids, drink less wine…then I’ll be happy‘ starting to wear a little thin?

What if you really could feel grateful and fulfilled as a mum? Without all the stress, exhaustion, disappointment and inner pain?

Is Struggling on your own the answer?

Could the compassionate, intuitive guidance of someone who knows your pain, and understands your dreams, make all the difference to your confidence, your family’s happiness, and your daily fulfilment? 

I’d love to offer you 45 minutes of my time to help you find out how your Inner Perfectionist or Inner Control Freak (I know, me too!) may be impacting your life, work or parenting. 

After completing a Selves Profile we’ll discuss which of your inner voices have taken control, what you can do to manage them and how I can help you.


“What I especially loved about working with Thea is that she “just got me”, she understood all the complexities that I often didn’t understand myself.  And as she held a strong, safe space for me to explore and untangle these complexities I felt deeply heard, understood and held.”


“I now feel that I have a better understanding of myself and this is extremely useful in guiding me through life’s battery of decisions and dilemmas more effectively.”


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Are you a perfectionist?

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